The Burson Center is a system of services designed to help facilitate entrepreneurship, innovation, and Stage I/II business development in the Carroll County/West Georgia area. It fosters an environment for planning, organizing, and expanding a business as well as building a solid foundation which will improve long-term success.


The Burson Center began development in 2004 through a partnership of several public and private agencies, under the direction of the Carroll County Economic Development Foundation, d/b/a Carroll Tomorrow, a 501c3 economic development public-private partnership. The building is named for Dr. John Burson, a local physician and area philanthropist, who donated it to Carroll Tomorrow for the purpose of new business development and expansion. Carroll Tomorrow, owns and operates the Center. The Center opened for operation in July, 2006.

Economic Development

The Burson Center has incubated 84 businesses, creating 789 jobs and over $69 million in capital investment since opening in 2006. In addition to the companies that are in residence at The Burson Center, the Center’s staff, and resource partners are currently working with over 250 other businesses annually of varying sizes through the northwest Georgia region. The Center has hosted more than 20,000 visitors for over 3,100 seminars, expos, and programs.