Any business which provides a product or service, that is not retail or non-profit in nature, is eligible for consideration by the Burson Center. The Burson Center is a mixed-use incubator meaning there is no one specific industry sector that is accepted into the program; however, the Carroll Tomorrow board has named target industry sectors which receive priority placement and assistance.  Those industry sectors include:  Information/Communications Technology, Entertainment Media, Aerospace, Automation, Nanotechnology, Healthcare, Logistics and related research and development.

Application Process

  1. Schedule an appointment for an initial consultation and pre-screening with the Incubator Manager.  This will be an informal discussion about your business to determine the type(s) of assistance needed and available.
  2. Review the information package which includes: the client handbook, a business plan template, resource assistance information, and the application for admission, and supporting documents.
  3. Complete the application for admission/supporting documents and return it to the Burson Center along with a business plan or at least, an executive business summary and development strategy including a current business or personal financial statement.
  4. Register for and complete the required SBDC “Starting a Business” seminar conducted regularly at The Burson Center or neighboring venue. In the event a “Start Up” class is not scheduled, admission may be granted with a commitment to complete the course within 3 months of starting incubation.
  5. The Burson Center Manager will the approve or decline admission based on business strategy, compatibility, and expected outcomes.  The prospective member will be officially notified in writing in the event of being declined.

Important Documents

Contact Information
The Burson Center
Phone:  678.890.2333